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What is ‘rel= noopener noreferrer’ Is it bad for SEO?

Mar 18, 2020

What is ‘rel= noopener noreferrer’ Is it bad for SEO?

You might have heard about rel=”nofollow” tag, or how significant is the SEO impact of the tag, or consequently worried that similar-looking “noreferrer noopener” tag has a similar effect.

No need to fear, there’s no impact on the SEO from making use of rel=”noopener noreferrer”.

Whenever you linked to any external website that will get affected by malicious code, that website will use the window.opener JavaScript to steal out digital information of the audience just by running on the same process of the page.

Thus, if you add rel noopener and rel noreferrer to a link can prevent any new tab to take benefit of this JavaScript window.opener property feature.

Whenever you make use of target=”_blank” for the external website link in your page content, make sure you include the rel=”noopener” and rel=”noreferrer” attribute.

Let us look in detail

rel=”noopener” feature protects any new page to get accessed by a window.opener property & ensure this runs in the separate process.

rel=”noreferrer” feature has a similar quality, however, it prevents passing on referrer information to any new page.

Any Recommendations

There you have this. Suppose you find WordPress that automatically adds it to links on the blog then there is not any need for removing it, and suppose you have an enterprise site that doesn’t use rel=”noopener noreferrer” over external links you will have to consider adding it in.

In the same way, you might have to avoid making use of target=”_blank” and another target, particularly on the user-generated links from where it will be simple for somebody to inject the link to any malicious website.

Will no opener and no-referrer tags Affect Your Affiliate Links?

Even though the “noreferrer” tag has prevented link from knowing exactly where it came from, however, it doesn’t affect any affiliate program links. The majority of these affiliate links have a unique URL that has a unique affiliate ID. Whenever somebody clicks on a link then the affiliate ID gets passed with URL parameter for another site to track.

Most of the affiliate marketers use the link cloaking method for the affiliate links. The cloaking strategy makes sure that the affiliate link is your website URL that can redirect the users to its destination URL.

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