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6 Common Website Home Page Mistakes

Apr 20, 2021

6 Common Website Home Page Mistakes

No matter whether you are redesigning or working on a new website, do not forget critical SEO elements. So, here are some common web design mistakes that you need to avoid.

Platform Is Highly Complicated

Paying the website design services to create your website is good, but you may maintain this yourself. If the website, as well as a platform used for building it, needs knowledge outside of the existing skillset, soon you will find yourself not able to service the website as well as keep this updated.

Suppose you are running a non-eCommerce website, a popular platform is WordPress. Now, there are over 72.5 million WordPress sites. Whereas it has the reputation to be good for blogging, this platform has expanded past that — and now is the best content management suite. WordPress CMS is simple to use, with some of the most intuitive features, which will allow you to make fast changes to the content as well as install some more helpful plug-ins with minimal training needed.

The Website Has Many Messages

We have landed on the website where we just do not know where you must click first. You may buy one product, however, you were disoriented by a wide range of buttons, promotions, as well as obstacles on your way. Like a physical shop that will not stop bombarding the salespeople & distracting advertisements, a website without any focus is distracting & frustrating to the visitors.

You Assume Your Website is Doing the Right Job

Getting back to the store analogy, how often a retail outlet will change the layout? Constantly, & often because of the feedback that a company has gathered –they would like to streamline and your website is your store. Unluckily, it is tough to conceive where it is getting wrong — you made it, and you know it, so you may navigate the shopping cart —it is simple, right?

No Analytics for Measuring the Performance

The biggest website design mistake that you need to avoid isn’t looking at the important data behind the website’s use. You can get this: around 75% of small business websites don’t use analytics tools for tracking their performance!

Large Images and Media Files

Beautiful imagery can make your website look amazing. However, you have to be very careful with the size of the media files. That includes the large images as well as videos that will negatively impact the website speed that might result in lower rankings.

Google rewards web pages that load fast

How will you know in case you have a large content on the website or how will you fix it? For a quick scan, you may use the PageSpeed Insights Test from Google which can tell you what images Google thinks are very large on a page. You also can use the alternative Screaming Frog to identify the large images as well as media files on the website.


These might be the highly underrated “bad web design” mistakes. Messaging is the success factor for major brands, but it is definitely getting on the radar of a lot of small business brands. So, as per my prediction, this can be the highest priority that you need to focus on when you are avoiding some web design mistakes. Suppose you may overcome now, you are ahead of a pack that is scratching its head thinking why people aren’t “getting” the brand, or purchasing from them. So, these are some mistakes that you have to learn from.

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