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Web Design Mistakes that Business Owners Do

Feb 16, 2022

Web Design Mistakes that Business Owners Do

Your website is an important marketing tool that your business can have. Today, the internet is much more important than traditional marketing. Recent research is showing that the referrals of word of mouth have now become less important. People can “see for themselves” as well as do extra research online to find out any product and service that is best for them. You know your website is an important marketing tool – however it’s likely more important you realize. It can become more so as years pass on.

The most common mistake business owners make when getting a web design done. They go with the assumption that all web designers do web sites, and therefore they think they can get away with not getting web design help. This means that all the technical programming stuff is left up to you (the business owner) or whoever has no web experience (most likely your web designer).

Today, the website will make or break the business. I see this all time. Businesses with poor websites are likely to fail. Businesses with strong websites are likely to succeed. That is because this is an important sale tool that your business has. Suppose you are a small business owner and service professional who would like to develop a new website, you may find yourself, “It is a big jungle out there to find the best web design!”

Web Design Mistakes

Web Design Mistakes that Business Owners Should Avoid

Poor Site Design

When you are looking at the website templates, you can see cool designs. The large sliding images, some interactive features, interesting color combinations, artsy elements, and a list of fun and eye-catching things that you will add to the website are never-ending. However, that does not mean they belong to the website.

Rather than the “busy” (or distracting) site, try and select the clean and responsive website design that can focus the visitors squarely on the products and services as well as direct them through the conversion funnel doesn’t matter what device that they are using. The extra website elements will be a lot of fun to look over, but, they pull away from the reader’s attention away over what is very important—and converting the website visitors into customers.

Not very appealing to your clients

As a professional who is trying hard to build the business, you spend a good amount of time promoting the offerings as well as directing the people on your site. And if you are the smart business owner, probably you are focused on bringing the best people on your website; ones that want what you are offering; ones who can end up signing up for the email list, following social media, sharing the content, as well as, eventually purchase it from you.

Neglecting Call-To-Action 

What is the goal of the website? Do you want to have the visitors sign up for the service? Fill out the form for a quote? Give you a call? Purchase product? Whenever you look at the current website, can you see the simple way for the visitors to take action? Suppose the answer is no, then you are missing on an opportunity of getting customers.

Not Updating the Website

Now you have added good text, images, as well as CTAs on your site, ensure this stays updated so that your potential & current customers know what you are providing, where you are situated, and what the business days or hours are. Some things are quite frustrating than checking out the business hours on the website just to show up or find a place closed.

Using Very Low Quality of Images

The low-quality of images reflects very poorly on the business. The visitors on your website may perceive that your business is unprofessional whenever they see the grainy and poor quality of photos on your website. The right options for the website images will include grabbing relevant photos or another photo website or, in case possible, having the photographer take the photos of your products and services you offer.

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