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Value of Video Marketing for your Business

Nov 18, 2021

Value of Video Marketing for your Business

It isn’t just about video views, video converts!

It is video marketing, video promotion, and video branding. We need to know how video integrates with business needs. Video isn’t just for entertainment, it can be used as a powerful marketing tool if we choose the right video content and target audience.

Some points about the value of Video Marketing to your Business

Let’s see what are some outstanding video stats:

– 32% of internet traffic in 2017 was video – 85% of people watch more online videos each year – 80% of mobile data traffic will be video by 2021 and much more in 2022.

We have different choices when we use video for selling products or services: Explainer video, Whiteboard animation, or Live Action. There are also many options on the type of business that uses video as a way to promote themselves such as those from real estate

Video marketing is not video views. Although video views are incredibly important, video conversion is what every marketer wants. However, you can’t track video conversions easily through YouTube Analytics like other channels on Google Ads. So how do you track video conversions?

video marketing

It has the power to capture more leads and improve sales for your brand or company. According to Forbes, video marketing produces three times as many leads as text-based content. When compared with visual assets like photos and graphics, videos increase customer retention by 55%. On YouTube, videos directly produce 50% more organic traffic than articles don’t have. There’s also an increased video consumption over the mobile, video completion rates are four times higher than other digital video content and video ads receive more engagement on Twitter than any other type of ad.

Why video marketing is important to your business: – It’s free – You can use video as a branding tool or as an advertising channel – Video Marketing outperforms traditional forms of content

5 Tips for Optimum Video Marketing Results

1. Strategize video content – Before video production, it’s important to consider your video strategy. First, identify who is your video audience. What does this particular consumer want to know about the products or services you provide? How can they find this information? Next, choose a video format that fits best with your video marketing goals. After doing so, define what topics are required for video creation based on the targeted audiences’ needs.

2. Create video assets – Once you’ve defined all of these elements, it’s time to start creating some videos. A lot of businesses struggle with this because they don’t have enough resources or knowledge about video production. Hiring a professional videographer could cost thousands of dollars – not to mention video editing can take many hours to complete. However, video is not the only option here; you can use video tools and software for video editing purposes without breaking your bank account.

3. Promote video – The last step of video marketing is promoting video content on relevant channels such as YouTube, Facebook or Twitter using paid advertising methods like Google Ads. As we introduced above, creating video advertising campaigns through Google Ads could be a great idea because it enables us to track how consumers interact with our videos and measure campaign results against objectives like awareness, reach, and conversion rates.

4. Optimize video – After publishing your video and sending it to different social media platforms, there are several things to do in order to measure engagement and video performance. YouTube reports video insights such as video views, estimated minutes watched, and video retention rates. Facebook also has reporting tools to help you understand how your video content contributes to your overall business goals.

5. Optimize video for different devices – According to Marketing, videos are now viewed more than 50% on mobile so it is very important that you optimize them for this new user behavior. Videos are very resource-intensive so they should be optimized for high-resolution screens, high connection speeds, and devices with limited storage capacity. This will ensure a great viewing experience across all platforms – smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer.

Create a video that has value to your prospects Outline all the benefits you offer in your video Create a video around topics people would like Touch on pain points Build trust with your audience in video marketing.

Video Marketing is a video that presents a brand, product, or service and is distributed through video-sharing sites like YouTube or video streaming services. It can also include live streaming via Ustream and Justin TV but has many limitations since the latest changes in their policy. There are other video marketing services that allow you to syndicate videos such as video news releases (VNR), online video news releases (OVNR), or corporate video news releases (CVNR). They are available

How? Google Adwords Universal App Campaigns (UAC) feature lets you create a cross-device app install ads across YouTube, Search Network, and the Display Network. Google’s video delivery network has deep insights into video viewer behavior and can be used to target your video audience. Thus, video marketing is not video views, it is video conversion!

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