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Tips for Setting Up a New Website

Oct 26, 2020

Tips for Setting Up a New Website

Starting out in the world of web design might at first seem very daunting but it does not have to be. Investing in a new website is the major decision for the business, small or big. Your website is the face of the brand in an online world –a place where potential customers gain in-depth knowledge of who you are or what you do. When it is done rightly, the new website can function as the lead-generating machine, and turn your web traffic into quantifiable conversions. However, if you miss a mark, it can turn into a can of worms –mostly a never-ending cycle of tweaks & fixes that took away your money and time.

Here is the list of some top things you may have to consider while making this move to set up the first website.

Your Purpose

You need to know why you want the website. What goals would you like to achieve and who is the target audience? Answers to all these questions may ultimately influence the design & content of the website.

Selecting the Domain

A domain name is one most unique names that can identify your site thus it must be short and memorable. Suppose it is tough to type then there’s a high chance of the potential visitors getting it wrong. The domain names having numbers or hyphens are a bad idea. You might have to select the keyword that is quite relevant to your business and target area. Choosing the best domain registrar is one very important aspect, and things you need to consider will include reputability and there are not any hidden costs.

Selecting the Web Host

Knowing your web hosting needs is the first step in deciding which web hosting company you want to go with. You must think about what type of website you would like to host, in case it needs any special software, maybe it is the eCommerce site or what traffic volume do you anticipate. So, moving on to set up the shared web hosting account, to begin with, an utmost important feature is uptime. It’s pertinent that the website will be hosted on a reliable server with stable connections as the downtime will be disastrous. Also, you will benefit from simple-to-use Cpanel and the ability to upgrade over the dedicated server, if any need arise. Even though the traditional ways of customer support by phone or email will be preferred by a few, we will recommend selecting the hosting firm that provides 24 by 7 of live support to receive instant help & advice in urgency.

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Improving the visual brand

Was it long since your firm revamped the logo? Is the color scheme of the branding coming over as drab and dated? Are you having any visual branding guidelines? These are some things that you need to consider while investing in building the website. The more consistent, clear, as well as contemporary the branding, is, the more visually appealing the website is. But, it is important that you remember the web design team you hire may likely NOT be totally responsible for the brand identity of the website. Therefore, the onus is over you to come up with the branding guidelines.

Suppose you are having any kind of trouble getting started on the branding guidelines document, then we suggest checking out the inspiring guide examples from the world’s top corporations.

Making mobile your top priority

No business must invest in a website that is not being built for the mobile-first. With around 51% of the global website traffic originating from mobile phone devices, skipping over responsiveness is the best way of hindering the success of your website. You have to make sure your design will be optimized over how text, images, logos, or other elements may look on the smaller screens as most of your visitors can be accessing your website from a cell phone or tablet.

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