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SEO Periodic Table for a comprehensive guide 2021

Aug 5, 2021

SEO Periodic Table for a comprehensive guide 2021

Early Sorcerer was erudite that they cannot fabricate gold from coal. Similarly, you cannot construct a website that mounts the grades of eminent search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and others without valving the best SEO execution on their website and extracting dreadful risks. It specifies the need for the best Search Engine Optimization plans for your website.

Preparing supportive SEO plans is about building content that make people stick with your web page. As we have observed over the preceding years, Google habitually dabbles with its algorithm that grades and categorizes how and where web pages display. But some primary things are devoted to what certifies as credible and reliable content.

To which items do you have to place more attention and which item needs to neglect.

Before studying the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Periodic Table 2021, let us know about the factors affecting SEO ranks.

These all things are mentioned in the Periodic Table of SEO. These tables are updated almost every year.

Factors Affecting SEO Ranks

Here we are listing some of the factors that affect Google, Yahoo, and Bing search rankings in 2021 that are as follows:

  • Content is the Emperor

The content which secures a high rank on the Search Engine Result Page has a broad scope that includes the right and reliable information of the company, product or service, company partners, endorsements by clients, and, many other things that need to be known to their visitors.

  • Backlinks

Backlinks also play a significant role in determining your SEO ranks. They can regard to be a powerful ranking signal in controlling your site rank. The more links you have from several eminent and authoritative hostnames, the greater your possibilities are to rank well for brink keywords. To rank higher in SEO, you should pay more attention to the contour of your backlinks.

  • Asepsis and Purity

The purity or freshness of the content has been recognized simply through the Google algorithm. The asepsis of content plays a vital role in determining SEO ranks. If your content is new and is changeable, then Google and other search engines make sure that your site occupies a space on the Search Engine Result Page.

  • Hand-held Devices Friendly

The hand-held device compatibility directly affects the ranking on search engines. And the audience will not search about you on Windows or Mac. Most of the audience will be using mobile, iPad, tablets, or any other hand-held devices to search about you. So, your site must be hand-held and device-friendly.

  • Page Speed

People are always swift to know about the product or service and company. They found that your website is slow and takes a lot of time in loading, then they will switch to another alternative as in the online market, they have various choices to opt over. So, we can conclude that page speed has a direct relationship with your traffic and SEO rank.

  • Brand and Hostname Strength

And your searches are more on the popular and branded platforms, then search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other algorithms catch the brand search signals. Hostname also plays a significant role in determining SEO ranks. And your hostname is popular as there are various backlinks attached with it, then the search engine algorithm catches it effortlessly. And even the hostname is enough for directing traffic on the site.

The SEO periodic table is much similar to the observation table. The higher the position of the block, the more its importance.

In-depth Observation of SEO Periodic Table

  • The SEO periodic table classification includes two zones:
  • on the page SEO and,
  • off the page SEO.
  • These zones are sub-divided into seven sub-zones that are as follows:
  1. Content,
  2. HTML,
  3. Architecture,
  4. Links,
  5. Social,
  6. Trust and,
  7. Personal
  • The first three sub-zones come under the head of on-page SEO and, the last four comes under the perspective of off-page SEO.
  • If we observe the SEO periodic table rightly, then we can say that it specifies the following things for the on-page SEO that are as follows-
  1. The First says that the content must be quality driven, the keywords included must be researched well, words must be beneficial, and content should be engaging and fresh or pure.
  2. The other says that HTML includes titles, heading, and descriptions.
  3. The third says about the role of Architecture says that search engines must crawl the site effortlessly, there should be better page speed and, URLs must be short, simple, and informative.
  • If we observe the right side of the periodic table, then we can see some specific things about the off-page SEO that are as follows-
  1. The first says about the links that are the link must be from trusted and reliable websites, the link must be many and, the specific words in the links.
  2. The other says about the society that signifies two things that are reputation and share by the audience.
  3. The third says about trust that includes two things that are authority and history.
  4. The fourth says about personal includes four things that are country, locality, history, and society.
  • If we observe the bottom left side of the table, we will see things that should not be done as violations. These things are as follows:
  1. Thin,
  2. Stuffing,
  3. Hidden,
  4. Cloaking,
  5. Paid links,
  6. Link Spam
  • If we observe the bottom right side of the table, we will see two more blocks that say about blocking.

Color Observation of SEO Periodic Table

  • The green color in the table signifies the essential elements,
  • The red color in the table purports the factors, which need neglection and,
  • The orange color in the table purports the factors, which need attention.

If we keenly observe this table, then our SEO rank will improve as it speaks that needs more attention and essential, which needs rejection, and which needs observation. It helps online marketers to frame SEO strategies in the right way.

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