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How SEO is Evolving and What It Means for You!

Feb 5, 2022

How SEO is Evolving and What It Means for You!

In today’s technology-driven world, marketers always look for the next best thing in SEO that will help them in generating more traffic to their websites. A recent article published by a major publication, it stated that if search engine optimization was dead then Google would have killed it. But they didn’t.

SEO experts around the world cited several reasons why SEO is slowly evolving

1) Keywords in URLs and meta-description is already passé. Search marketers have already shifted to semantic keywords and content optimization and that users no longer click on organic listings that contains keyword stuffing.

2) As search engines become more sophisticated, it will become harder for search engine optimizers to outsmart them. Google algorithms are becoming difficult to crack which makes it tougher for webmasters to generate ranking factors just by using specific words or phrases.

3) With the increasing popularity of social media sites, online consumers tend to check their Facebook status updates instead of typing queries into Google’s search box thus creating a decline in organic traffic.

4) Digital Marketing companies are still around but they’ve changed their marketing tactics. Most SEO companies are now focusing on social networking optimization and marketing, cloud services, and mobile optimization. This is the part where most SEO’s are now shifting their focus.

5) Google+, Facebook and Twitter (to a certain extent) will eventually take over as the new way of optimizing websites because these social media sites offer direct traffic to specific URL’s.

SEO strategy 2022

6) Content will play a larger role in search engine optimization. SEO companies are now focusing on engaging users by providing them with fresh blog posts, videos, info graphics and other user-generated content that will keep people interested about the business.

7) When Google Penguin was released, it proved that webmasters can no longer take SEO for granted if they have poor quality sites filled with duplicate contents and scraped articles. Thanks to Penguin, marketers now have to create one-of-a-kind article or face disappointment from their clients.

8) Paid Search Traffic is still strong but it’s becoming more expensive as time passes by because advertisers are willing to shell out big bucks just to secure their spot on top of the SERP. Since most keywords are already claimed by big advertisers, it’s becoming more difficult for the little guy to keep up with their competitors.

9) SEO will never die because there will always be new businesses starting out and they will need an expert hand who can guide them towards search engine optimization so they can establish their online presence. Whether through paid or organic traffic, businesses need leads and leads only come from SEO strategies even if it’s just a part of it.

10) Google may have evolved but people are not changing for the better. People are lazy; they want instantaneous results; they don’t want to read through thousands of pages just to find an answer that can be found in a few seconds through Google or other search engines.

11) Social media optimizers are now working double time because SEO no longer works unless you have social profiles to support your site. The more active your profile is, the closer you are to successful SEO.

12) The World Wide Web still needs optimization. Most people are having difficulty distinguishing useful information from spam so it’s up to the search engine giants like Google and Bing to teach them how to separate good content from bad ones.

13) Search marketers should focus more on making their sites easier for search engines to crawl instead of building links since link-building techniques will always change over time. The focus should be on building good content and socializing.

14) SEO is not a part of internet marketing but it’s the most important one. It doesn’t matter how much traffic a site has if there are no conversions.

15) Inbound links will always play a huge role in search engine optimization because backlinks are still the main source of organic traffic for many websites. In addition, link building can create trust between webmasters which could help improve their site’s reputation even more.

16) Many businesses have now started outsmarting Google by hiring professionals who know all about SEO or outsourcing to search engine optimization companies who knows what they’re doing with regards to Search Engine Optimization.


Experts acknowledged that there are still businesses resorting to old traditional ways of optimizing their sites but these people are far and few in between according to Google. Google believes that with advancing technologies, new innovations from the web giants, and new SEO trends taking over the internet scene, keywords will eventually be forgotten as time passes by.

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