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How to Maximize your Search & Social Audience Expansion

Dec 25, 2021

How to Maximize your Search & Social Audience Expansion

Here are the Best Ways How to Maximize your Search & Social Audience Expansion

Audience expansion is exactly how it sounds: you want your audience to expand their social circles and like-minded communities, as well as the reach of your brand. Audience expansion is key for any company or marketer looking to build a solid online presence. If you aren’t growing your audience base, then you are actively losing potential customers and viewers every day.

Audience expansion comes in two forms: Search Audience Expansion and Social Audience Expansion (SEA & SAE). Let’s go over both and what they mean for different platforms.

Search Audience Expansion

This aspect of audience expansion has become far more prevalent with the sharp rise in mobile usage across the globe within the past few years. Since Google switched from being accessed from the small screen of a desktop to the much larger and more accessible mobile platform, Google has taken a different approach to search results. Now it gives priority to its own properties such as YouTube and Google Maps and also localizes results for specific cities or regions. So in order to get ahead of your competitors in SEO, you must familiarize yourself with Google’s SEO guidelines.

Social Audience Expansion

Social Audience Expansion refers specifically to expanding your social media following without growing full market penetration (i.e., getting more likes on Facebook won’t necessarily mean that everyone who uses Facebook knows about your brand). SEA is important because it gives you a much larger pool of potential customers to reach. It’s also important to focus on building relationships with customers on social media, as this will encourage them to visit your website or purchase your product or service.

Both Search Audience Expansion and Social Audience Expansion are critical for businesses and marketers looking to build a successful online presence. However, the strategies for achieving each goal are quite different. Focusing on SEA without neglecting SAE is the key to success; fortunately, there are many tools and tips available online to help you get started. Keep growing that audience!

Audience expansion is the term used for growing your social media audience. This can be accomplished through either organic growth, paid ads, or a mix of both. No matter how you choose to expand your audience, there are ways you can increase your chances of finding new followers and fans.


How to Improve Audience Expansion?

The first step in any kind of audience expansion is identifying where your ideal target market hangs out online. Are they on Facebook? Twitter? Instagram? Or, perhaps one of the emerging platforms like Musical.ly? Once you figure out which platform(s) your target market uses most closely identify their usernames and follow them. Following people before sending them a friend request will help avoid unfollows or blocks down the road by not seeming too aggressive.

Once you have an idea of where they are, it’s time to begin following your target market. Remember, the goal is to attract new users who may not have seen one of your posts yet so around twenty percent of your followers should be people you don’t currently follow. Another thing to keep in mind when choosing whom to follow is that while most platforms allow a follow limit of 5000 or 10,000; this isn’t real life and these numbers can be significantly higher. As long as there aren’t any major restrictions on the follower Audience, go ahead and follow as many people as you can!

Once you’ve begun following your target market, it’s time to start engaging with them. This means liking and commenting on their posts, as well as sharing content from them. Not only does this help show that you’re interested in what they have to say, but it also helps to increase the chances that they’ll see one of your posts in their feed. Additionally, make sure to use hashtags related to your industry or the topic of your post. This will help more people find your content in search results.

In order to get the most out of audience expansion, it’s important to make things as easy on the Audience as possible. If you’re posting on multiple platforms, it’s important to include the same hashtag on all of them so that people can find your content easily on any platform they choose to use!


Audience expansion is a great way for brands and businesses big and small to grow their social media following quickly and cost-effectively. If you’re interested in learning more about audience expansion and how we can help you grow your brand.

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