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Questions to Ask Website Developer About Site Design or Maintenance

Mar 25, 2022

Questions to Ask Website Developer About Site Design or Maintenance

Selecting the best agency partner for the company’s website redesign will be one of the most challenging tasks for you. Whereas proposals play an important role in this process, interviewing & asking the right questions will provide you with the insight required to inform the selection decision of the best web developer. Within no particular order, we have come up with the list of top 5 questions you can ask the potential website design & development partner before selecting who can handle the company’s next site redesign.

Asking questions ensures that you receive all pertinent information before proceeding with your site design or maintenance project, so it will be beneficial to ask questions from the very beginning.

Have you ever worked on projects with similar goals?

Suppose your web developer cannot see your vision, then they will not have the ability to create the website that you want. You have to ensure that they know what you are looking for as well as will execute the process centered over it. Suppose you want an e-commerce website but the developer has not worked on most of the projects or does not have any experience, you are in trouble. It will take longer to create due to extra research as well as planning that will be needed for the lack of experience. But, when you hire a professional website design service, then you stand a chance.

What will be the research process?

Getting an inside look at how the potential website developer works for getting a perspective on the projects gives you a little idea about how well the brand can be represented on your site. You would like the consumers to visit the website as well as understand your image, goals, and mission. Suppose they end up highly confused, your web developer has not done the job. Do they research the target audience and do they know who you must appeal to? Will they know about your brand or its identity? Going ahead to answer all the questions is very important in building a website that will represent you rightly.

Questions developer

Will my site be a custom or “customized” theme?

There’re many websites masquerading as custom websites however they are just pre-built themes, which are customized for the particular client. The budget limitations might need making use of these themes; but, if you’re paying for as well as expecting to receive the custom “stick-built” site, it is important you ask some questions. The custom website means each pixel of the design and the layout will be performed by a professional web design company and the website will be “hand-coded” by a qualified web developer.

How long the project will take?

The length of the website project differs greatly and depends upon the scope, schedule, complexity, as well as both the client & design partner’s capability to hit the deadlines. Based on the understanding of the project requirements, a potential website partner must give you an estimate about how long a project like yours takes & provide the basic schedule for the key project milestones. They must help you to understand some factors that will affect scheduling & where issues generally arise.

What will be included in the price?

Each agency prices sites differently, thus understanding what pricing includes & does not include is very important. At an end of the day, you would like to know what you are getting for the money, what extra costs might come up along your way, which will be accounted for in the proposal & how they will handle estimating & billing for the things that do not fit the scope.

When it comes to billing, nobody wants surprises, thus make sure you get a clear understanding of pricing before signing the contract.

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