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PBN vs Guest Posts

May 12, 2020

PBN vs Guest Posts

PBN is taking lots of time and expense to make. They have districts, substance, and affiliations. The bonafide extent of PBN relates generally relies on exceptional backlinks. Affiliations are central arranging part for drawing out the backlinks. It’s an immediate still irrelevant push for making your affiliation juice than making each basic walk key for getting the decision backlinks. Would you comprehend what makes PBN structure important is the goals that packaging PBN can be seen by Google as definitive?

PBNs –Building Blog Network

PBNs can be seen as ‘quick win’ –work that is involved in joining the current PBN is very minimal and you will achieve the fast results. Joining PBN takes up the very minimal effort and will give your site a huge boost in SERPs. You also have the complete control regarding links or anchor text, instead of getting dictated by webmaster. PBNs are good for the niche-specific links as well as adding the high authority links.

To begin PBN, you have to get the qualified domains – and domains that are considered by Google or other search engines getting trusted or have authority. PBN generally will have over five websites upwards and in case you want to set up or pay for the different hosting services, it not just takes up more time but will cost you a bit high.

Difference Between PBN and Guest Posting

Some SEO experts would like to glean huge benefits by using PBNs for catapulting authority, instead of the long procedure of building up the authority without even applying the technique. But, it is a risky and generally time-consuming method. This said it will be very beneficial when it is done rightly. Suppose you are somebody who does things by book, then PBNs probably isn’t for you. They appeared to be highly popular years before when Google got wiser & started to clamp down on websites involved. Whereas PBNs will generate quick results, they need to be made rightly for the long term results. Here’s a good guide.

Guest posts –Whiter Hat Solution

The guest posts can be seen as a safer and simple way of getting the backlinks however you will want more than only money to see any kind of success from the method. To begin with, you will have to build up the relationships with the webmasters and persuade them for publishing the posts on their site. The relationship of such nature does not grow overnight that it takes very long-term effort & providing the best quality of posts is the best method to get the webmasters on the side, till you are paying to publish the posts.

So how will you ensure the best quality of posts? You require a very good quality writer that lots of SEO experts have to outsource for some reasons: Writing is not their specialism or they are quite busy developing the SEO strategies and don’t have enough time for writing high volumes of blogs.

Finding a good writer having experience in the relevant industry that you’re aiming for isn’t always simple. Whereas most of the freelance writers can provide the best quality in terms of grammar & spellings, to demonstrate the subject expertise is one more challenge altogether.

Guest posts will cost a little and small budgets compared to PBNs. You might have to pay the webmasters a certain fee for publishing or pay the writers for writing down your posts but long-term ROI for this method generally is high, if done rightly. We mentioned you will have to build a relationship with the webmasters but at times finding the relevant websites that will work for your niche will be tough. It’s very important to know that webmaster is a person that is in control of content on the website, thus they might not be very happy with you making use of rich anchor texts or other principles.

On positive, webmasters are taking the right care of hard work such as uploading or scheduling the posts, leaving very less work to do. But, some owners may remove the posts at a certain point. You must consider that the links can come from the inner pages instead of powerful homepage links.

The quality of content actually is one biggest challenge of the guest posts and creating the blogs that fit with the right style of publishing website is a standard requirement. The links to your blogs must be done in a discrete way and content must not be the blatant promotion of product and service.

Conclusion – PBNs vs Guest Posts

Suppose you are the risk taker then the PBNs can be a route you have to take however, for many people searching for the long-term success, guest posts will be the better option.

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