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Social Media Marketing Strategy for 2022

Jan 11, 2022

Social Media Marketing Strategy for 2022

When you think you have got social media marketing, something happens. It is always changing. So, how can you keep up with the new trend? For starters, let us talk about what social media marketing can look like in the incoming year. Before getting started, get the testing mindset. You do not essentially need to be on each social media network. However, you must test this and see if it is where the audience is or if it will help to attract many new customers out there.

Here are ways to grow your Social Media Marketing for 2022.

Better Know Security and Privacy Concerns

Since users become totally aware of how the data is used, privacy becomes a big concern. Right from the security breaches to the phones listening to conversations to the Facebook Analytica scandal, we are aware of how the data is diced up & passed around. Thus, we can see an increase in the use of “dark social.” It is where the users communicate or share privately, like messaging or email. You must think about it: 84% of the consumers’ outbound sharing from the websites now happens privately through the dark social networks and we are expecting to see it increase in the next some years.

Thus, respecting and understanding privacy must be an important part of the social media marketing policy. As you will see, focusing on the private social conversation can bring in a fresh move for marketing.

Explore Various Facebook Groups

Speaking about dark social, the Facebook Groups generally fall in the gray area between the public and the private. They are very powerful. The continuous growth of the Facebook Groups can enhance user privacy as well as allow for personalized messaging or community building for the brands. You may start the Group for business, join the Groups linked to your domain and find some new ways of tapping in the communities.

Become Video Ninja

As per the social reports, today people look at the videos five times longer on Facebook or Instagram than the static content such as text or images. So, are you making videos for the potential customers to have? The number of brands making use of video in their marketing strategy has increased drastically over the past some years and may continue doing this in the year 2022. It is the right time to join this party. Add in a mix live video, or you have a chance of reaching plenty of people with the message.

Lots of people think that videos need to be polished, and there needs to be the script, it has to be edited perfectly. Not a case. When it comes to live videos, they will help to humanize this brand just by showing the real-time and raw footage

Worry Less about Likes & Focus more on Traffic

At present, Instagram is checking how taking away likes from public count affects user experience. The company says it is one kind of effort for promoting mental health. Removing likes must help to eliminate fraud as well as fake followers— and people who are paying for the likes. Also, totally getting rid of the public likes puts a heavier emphasis on the quality instead of quantity and must encourage the brands or users to focus more on creating the attention-grabbing content, which can drive more action that will go beyond the double-tap. All this does not mean that influencer marketing goes away. Actually, as you will read, it is still here to stay for long.

What it means though, is you have to worry a little less about vanity metrics or focus more on the action-oriented outcomes, like shares, clicks, or saves.

Are social media users visiting your website?

Are they converting leads or customers?

Suppose you have plenty of likes but do not have any website views or no conversion, is your social media marketing attempts working?

Some other benefits of running a social media contest will include:

  • Attracting new followers
  • Turning current followers in the community
  • Getting feedback from the audience
  • Raising the brand remembrance

All along with this shift in how we interact with our audiences online, the brands are focusing moreover what the audience values. To get a little value from running the contest over social media, you have to know what the audience values, or provide incentive, which aligns with such qualities.  The social media content must cater to the target audience as well as make a little sense for the brand. The strategy will be highly challenging for the publishers who do not actually sell the product but want to use social media contests for engaging with the audience and generate traffic.

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