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Local SEO Checklist For 2019

May 24, 2019

Local SEO Checklist For 2019

SERP GO is the brand to trust and rely on, when it comes to Local SEO marketing. We use most recent local SEO techniques such as local directory, citations, and lots more to enhance your maps rankings.

At SERP GO, we understand the fact that local SEO is such an efficient way to promote your website. Local SEO makes your business known to all your local clients, making you sell more of your niche products. Local SEO is the most efficient tactic to get whatever products or services you offer to your target audience in a particular territory.

Our SEO services at SERP GO are unique and tuned to your branding, strategy, and priorities. In addition, our SEO services are qualitative, which is the only measurable attribute associated with the page one results and authoritative site relevance.

Here is our local SEO checklist for 2019.

  • Look for those keywords you wish to target and rank for
  • Make use of these keywords for valuable onsite optimization
  • Get your site updated to use SSL
  • Work on link building proactively
  • Update your Google My Business page and request for Google reviews
  • Write, post, and sponsor high-quality, unique, and original content

Now we’ll examine each of these items to see how you can take practical steps to enhance the SEO of your business in 2019.

Look for those keywords you wish to target and rank for

Your intention is for your website show at the top of the result page whenever potential consumers search for particular keywords. Only those few sites that appear on the top of the page of search engine results are those that earn the largest share of the clicks. The trick here is to ensure that people can locate you as they are searching for what you offer particularly every single day.

But the question you need to answer before moving ahead is what keywords will make people find my business? Make sure you know your competition and choose your primary keywords wisely and carefully too. An exceptional tool for finding monthly search volumes is the free Keywords Everywhere extension for Google Chrome.

Make use of these keywords for valuable onsite optimization

Establish those pages that will target each phrase or set of relevant phrases and begin to optimize pages on your site around them, once you know your target keywords. To get some feedback and guidance even as you work on every page, get the Yoast SEO plugin for WordPress installed.

However, you need to select which page that will target each keyword carefully as it is not sensible and efficient to have more than a few pages for all to be targeting the same phrase.

Map your strategy out based on the following guidelines:

  • Come up with a unique or distinctive landing page for every product or service you offer.
  • Write unique and innovative articles that address the problems of the people and also answer their questions and link back to your main sales pages.
  • Make use of keywords in headers, image alt text, Meta descriptions, page titles, URLs, and paragraphs, particularly the first paragraph.
  • Do not spam and do not stuff your keywords all over a page in a repetitive manner. Vary your language naturally because Google knows synonyms.

Get your site updated to use SSL

SSL aka Secure Sockets Layer is the standard for encryption and Internet security. You can no longer afford to ignore it because it is the standard for the web. It is the difference between HTTPS, HTTP, and an SSL-enabled site makes sure all its users will connect through a securely encrypted connection that nobody can spy on.

As a matter of fact, Google may end up penalizing you if your website is not SSL-enabled.  SSL is valuable as it offers your visitors peace of mind, and benefits your SEO as well: we all understand the fact that Google favors secure web sites. As a result, SSL can help you rank higher.

Work on link building proactively to earn links from other websites

One of the most important ranking factors Google uses to establish the sites that fall where on the results page are links to your website. Hence, you must go all out to earn and earn the inbound links, instead of you sitting around waiting for others to link your website.

To do this effectively, you need to do the following:

  • Utilize the benefit of all the free social media listings such as Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Facebook among others.
  • Connect with other websites and blogs for guest posting
  • Generate correct, latest information on business directing listings and make sure you add a ink to your website.
  • Take advantage of HARO or Help A Reporter Out and any other PR you are doing

Update your Google My Business page and request for Google reviews

If you have not verified your Google My Business page, do so that you will know that your listing is verified if you eventually visit business.google.com and discover the shield icon with the checkmark. In case you are not seeing your listing but you believe you claimed it at a certain time, try to log in with each Google account you have.

Collect a number of outstanding photos of your team and your business. If you have none, take them a fresh, rename the image files to incorporate your target keywords and use hyphens as a replacement for spaces.

Write, post, and sponsor high-quality, unique, and original content

Make use of the Skyscraper Technique to create exceptional, authoritative content that solves the problems and answers questions that people are already speculating. Use the Answer the Public tool to get ideas concerning possible post topics. Combine the thoughts you get there with that of Keywords Everywhere to establish the most searched questions.

Create quality and unique content and keep publishing from time to time (at least once in a month, but should be more ideally).

You are well on your journey to a successful SEO campaign in 2019, if you can endeavor to check on the six things on the list above. Although it takes time to accomplish the results from organic search, but it worth the effort.

Don’t forget that it is our work at SERP GO to do the work for you at affordable rate. Our duty is to make sure your site appears on the very top position of the search engine results. We have been helping our numerous clients to achieve this for a very long time. It is your turn to have this wonderful and remarkable experience!

Are you interested in SEO that actually WORKS instead talking?

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