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Best Tips to Use Instagram Carousel Posts

Dec 12, 2021

Best Tips to Use Instagram Carousel Posts

What is an Instagram carousel post?

An Instagram carousel post allows you to upload multiple images and videos without flooding your audience’s feed. You can share up to 10 total posts in one carousel. The best part about Instagram carousel posts is that they give you the opportunity to promote as many as 12 different products within a single campaign or update. That means more eyes on your content, which means more traffic for your business! For example: If you sell clothes, you could use the first image as a teaser and caption it with something like this: “Introducing our brand new shirts available now at XYZ shop!” and then show off all of your unique styles in your next nine images/videos. In Instagram Marketing, each image or video can be a different product, and by the time your audience finishes scrolling through your carousel post, they’ll have seen everything you have to offer!

Here are different ways to use Instagram carousel posts to your advantage. Let’s read and follow these tips.

1) Showcase customer testimonials.

If you have happy customers, showcase their testimonials in a carousel post! Not only will this help to build trust with potential new customers, but it will also help to show off the amazing work you do.

2) Promote a sale or giveaway

Running a sale or giving away free products? Promote it with an eye-catching carousel post! This is a great way to drum up excitement and get more people interested in what you have to offer.

3) Share your brand’s story

People love stories, and they love brands that have a story to tell. Share the story of how your company came to be, what your mission is, and why you do what you do. This is a great way to connect with your audience deeper and build loyalty among your customers.

4) Showcase new products or services

If you’ve just released a new product or service, share it with your followers with a carousel post! This is a great way to generate interest and get people excited about what you have to offer.

5) Give sneak peeks of new products or campaigns

If you’re about to announce a big promotion, reveal the first piece of the puzzle with a carousel post! This is another great way to generate interest and get people excited about your upcoming announcements.

Hashtags will not harm your reach or your engagement, so keep using them for now

6) Make announcements (e.g., store openings, etc.)

When you have exciting news to share with your audience, why not use an Instagram carousel post? Not only does this ensure that everyone who follows you hears of your announcement, but it also shows them how proud you are of it! You can even include some eye-catching graphics or emojis in your caption to help emphasize just how important the news is. For example: “We’re so excited to announce our new line of t-shirts launching on August 1st!”

7) Promote a collection

Whether you’re selling fashion items, accessories, or HomeGoods, you can always use your carousel posts to promote collections! Not only does this give your followers more of what they want, but it also ensures they see all of your great products together in one place.

8) Announce an influencer collaboration

If you’ve worked with another Instagrammer or brand for a recent campaign or collaboration, announce it with a carousel post! This is an excellent opportunity to show off the work that’s been done and get people excited about future announcements. For example: “Just wrapped up our latest photo shoot with @lilpeanutx, can’t wait to show you all the pics!”

9) Share customer stories

Customer stories are always heartwarming and inspiring, so why not share some of them in a carousel post? This is a great way to show off your amazing work and make your audience feel good about supporting your brand. Plus, it’s great for creating brand awareness and building customer loyalty!

10) Highlight employees or volunteers

Whether it’s one employee or every single person who contributes to your business, spotlight them in a carousel post! This is another great way to show appreciation for the work they do and build up their morale. If you have volunteers, this can be impactful as it gives more people a voice and makes your company seem more personable.

11) Recap recent events or milestones

If you have any news from the past month that you want to highlight, then an Instagram carousel post is perfect! This is a great way to cover all your bases and ensure people see the news you want them to know about.

12) Celebrate special occasions (e.g., anniversaries, success stories, etc.)

Any special occasion worth celebrating should be highlighted with carousel posts! This is another way to make sure everyone sees this momentous occasion and feels like they were there with you as it happened. You can even include some interesting facts about the occasion for added effect.

13) Share relevant news stories

Not everything you share on Instagram needs to be about promoting your business. If there’s a relevant news story that you think would interest your followers, go ahead and share it! This is a great way to show that you’re keeping up with the latest trends and that you’re interested in more than just making money.

If you have a blog, promote its content with carousel posts! This is a great way to ensure people see all of your latest posts, and it can help attract new readers who may not have otherwise found your blog. You can even include excerpts from your posts to give people a taste of what they’re missing.

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