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Learn about the Impact of Machine Learning on SEO

May 1, 2020

Learn about the Impact of Machine Learning on SEO

Search engine optimization or SEO is evolving constantly. Machine learning is the premise that is often talked about as well as has become an SEO future. It’s very important to know how machine learning can impact SEO as the way to take any necessary steps to get ready.

But, before that let us first understand what exactly machine learning is.

Machine learning is one type of artificial intelligence that allows the system to learn without getting programmed. Essentially, this allows computer programs to learn how they can change or grow upon getting exposed to new data. It will allow computers to get adaptable. Machine learning is up and going strong, like with self-driving cars, which help to break and pause for pedestrians, and parallel park.  The car is adapting constantly, like the different driving habits of a person behind a wheel.

How Does Machine Learning Impacts search engine optimization?

Machine learning has a huge impact on SEO. We all know that SEO was all about keyword stuffing, although it is a lot more than now. It is an important factor used in the algorithms of Google. It’s adapting constantly to the queries that are based on the interpretation in place of the direct input. There will be some gradual changes in SEO over the next some years. Artificial intelligence will have a huge impact on change because of the process and response. It means that the computer engineers no longer can just code up the website & roll this out. The learning machine will revolutionize SEO. But, still, it is learning from humans, as everything that machine adapts is because of queries & input from humans. It means it will not be impossible to check out. Knowing the user experience & creating engaging content is very critical to keeping up with the changes.

Machine Learning and SEO

Machine learning is not at all new. Their root gets back to the 50s of the last century. What’s new today is the highly grown amount of resources in data centers of Facebook, Google, or other large companies that will allow an application of the machine learning algorithms in real-time. An example of such a powerful cluster is Google Brain and “Google’s Deep Project”.   A big step that Google took in leveraging machine learning methods was the implementation of the Hummingbird algorithm in 2013. With the Hummingbird, Google can understand complex search requests & conversational speech.

Finally last year, the RankBrain was introduced –as per the Google source’s third most important rank factor nowadays – even though its true significance isn’t totally clear. RankBrain algorithm offers Google the ability to interpret search requests that did not happen before. There are a lot of them: As per estimations over 15% of daily search requests that Google needs to deal with are completely new and have not occurred before. The RankBrain makes use of Google’s knowledge base for understanding search requests by using the network of many different entities & connections between the entities. Consequentially, RankBrain’s impact is highest for new and first-time requests.

Machine learning and ranking circle

Machine learning & dynamic ranking factors are seen as the iterative cycle. As mentioned earlier, user signals play a very important role in the cycle –and actions that are taken by the webmasters & SEO: As the first step Google will look at the popular and reputable websites –let us call them seed pages. The websites do not just have plenty of relevant and best-quality backlinks. In addition, user signals for the websites show a low bounce rate, a great ratio of returning visitors & long dwell time.

Characteristics of the seed pages have to be taken into account by search engines’ learning algorithms. Algorithms adjust these ranking factors in a dynamic & continuous way. These adjusted factors are then applied to rate some other websites. These websites are updated and changed by SEOs and webmasters to satisfy these ranking factors. It has 2 effects: First, this influences sites’ ranks on SERPs, and second, this influences user signals –the starting point for the new cycle.

Search Engine Optimization is everywhere

SEO has been all about content marketing, local searches, link building, and lots more. These will have a huge impact on search engine optimization, although artificial intelligence definitely plays an important role in the future of these areas. Google’s search engine is changing constantly as well as improving through the use of artificial intelligence. They want search engines to know the content because of providing a high-end experience. It will also start understanding the user behavior patterns as well as take it into consideration with search engine optimization.

Link Building

Link building is an important aspect when it comes to SEO, although nobody wants to admit this. It is not a good idea to purchase links, although website owners require links on different high ranks of websites. There’re many who claim link building is totally dead and that isn’t accurate – it has just evolved. Future of the link building focuses on PageRank and the importance of performing outreach campaigns for the guest posts featured on authority websites. The brand must try and get social media mentions, mainly from the major influencers.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is quite important than before, and keyword density is eliminated. The goal is for artificial intelligence to know the content context on the featured website. This has to provide a little value to the search engine users and thus does not depend on the density of the keywords. Content must be relevant and well-written and can provide engagement. The goal is to target the real users as opposed to the bots, and there are penalties for websites that feature a lot of ads as there isn’t enough content.

Local Search

In terms of local search, the future involves the use of citations. It includes a phone number, address, and name. Google is looking to show real businesses which means not using PO Box.

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