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How to Use Google Search to Check the Results for Different Locations

Aug 3, 2022

How to Use Google Search to Check the Results for Different Locations

Sometimes, you need to check the results for a specific location. If you’re like many people, you probably rely on Google directions to find the perfect café for your coffee date. But what if you don’t know the address or GPS coordinates of that place? Or maybe you’d simply like to double-check if the place should be on your list of places to visit in New Zealand. Fortunately, there are a number of ways to do this. The first and most obvious is to use Google search directly. This will return pages with results for almost any destination. There are some limits on how specific the results can be (e.g., some locations only appear in certain cities), but at least it’s an easy way to check for yourself whether a place should be on your travel list or not. But even with all of that power, it can sometimes be hard to know where exactly to look.

Helpful tips for checking the google search results for different locations

Don’t Be Afraid of the Bigger Brands

One of the most common fears among the traveling population is being too picky and ending up with something less than perfect. Well, luckily for you, Google has an entire barometer for that! When you type “coffee shop” into the search bar, you’ll see a drop-down menu that includes a wide range of options. You can also type in your location to see a list of nearby options. At the bottom of the menu, you’ll see a switch that looks like a scale. If the switch is to the right of the “coffee shop” option, you’re in the right place.

Use Exceptions to Your Chances

Even with a ton of power at your fingertips, using the right search terms can sometimes result in surprising results. One example is “best coffee shop near me”. Even though Google has a ton of search volumes and data to work with here, this search term returns a list of a few different local coffee shops in different cities.

Try Using Google Keywords

Keyword research is a powerful way to discover what topics interest people. It’s often a good idea to build a keyword research process into your google search. Start with the most general search term you know and work your way into the more niche-specific terms. This can help you discover what topics are popular among the people you’re interested in. You can also build a research document for each keyword that includes:

What is the keyword? – Examples of various keyword phrases used in the search results. – Studies and research on the keywords. – and More!

Look Into Public Transportation

If you’re interested in visiting a specific location, but don’t know the GPS coordinates, you can check the public transportation options there. Google has a ton of information on transit systems all over the world, and you can search by city, state, or country to see what options are available in your location. You can also search by route to find the best options for your location.

Know the Different Types of Google Search

Google started adding more functions to its search engine a few years ago, and it’s still trying new things. That’s why it released two distinct types of search:

Keyword search – Where users type a word or phrase into the search bar to find results.

On-site search – Where a user types into the search bar to find results that include their query.

Use Google’s Language Translation Tool

Google speaks many different languages, and it can be a pain to try and use each one separately. That’s where the language-translation tool comes in. When you type a query in the search bar and then click on the “translate” button, you’ll see a drop-down menu with a list of available language options. From there, you can select the one that best describes your situation.

Be Patient with Directions and Open Maps

Most people get frustrated when they don’t know where to search for something because they don’t know the address or GPS coordinates. That’s understandable, and it’s probably why Google directions have been around for such a long time. But with more than a decade of experience, we can all do better. For example, if you don’t know the address of the place you want to check out, try using the “open map” feature instead of the address bar. This will take you to a list of nearby places that appear on the map. Now, if you arrive at the address and realize that it’s a hotel or something else, you can use the “open map” feature to see nearby places that are also on the map.

What Can Go into a Google Search?

When you type in a search term, like “best coffee shop near me” or “best lunch spot in Auckland”, you’ll see a variety of results. You can choose any one of those search results to check out, or you can scroll through all of them to see what other options are available.

Webpages: This is the most common type of result you’ll see when you search on Google. Often, it’ll be a homepage with a list of recent search terms and related topics.

Images: Images have been around a lot longer than words, and they can often be used as more detailed maps.

Video: It’s a video search! If you have something specific to look for, a video will probably be a better way to go.

Blogs: It’s a blog search! If you want to see what’s been written about your location, head to the blog search.

Other: Some results are just “other”. This could be a result of a third-party website, an example of bad SEO (search engine optimization), or just an example of bad web design.

Use the address bar or “more” option in your Google search to find results for addresses.

When you search for a place using the address bar or the “more” option, Google will take you to a page with more information, like driving directions, maps, or photos. This can be really useful if you’re unsure where to start looking for a specific address.

Summing up

Google has a ton of information at your fingertips when you use the right keywords, and it can help you discover things about places you’re interested in visiting. However, not all information is good or accurate. The most important thing to remember when using Google is to be patient when looking for information. You may have to look at several results before finding what you’re looking for, and it can feel a little bit like Google is playing a joke on you.

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