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9 Best Digital Marketing Tools For Your Website

Mar 15, 2022

9 Best Digital Marketing Tools For Your Website

As the digital world continues to grow, so too must the digital marketing arsenal available to marketers. While traditional marketing tools have been around for quite some time, the tools available for digital marketers have only just begun to expand. With so many fantastic tools available, it can be hard to know where to begin.

We’ll take a look at the top 9 digital marketing tools that are available today

Some of the key trends and technologies that will drive marketing development in the years to come

Google Adwords

Google Adwords is one of the most widely used marketing tools on the Internet. It’s used by businesses of all sizes, from startups to giant conglomerates. And with great reason: it’s a powerful digital advertising strategy that helps you drive targeted traffic to your site by advertising your products or services to consumers on the Internet.

Adwords is a digital advertising platform that helps you place ads on the Google search and display engine results pages. You can choose from a variety of different ad formats, including digital display ads, mobile ads, video ads, and infographics. Adwords is powered by the Google Search Engine and uses various ad formats to populate your ads with relevant ads. With so many ad formats and devices to choose from, it can be hard to find new ad formats to experiment with. However, there are tools like Google’s extensions and tools in the Google Display network that let you create new ad formats.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a web traffic and demographic analysis tool that helps you understand how your site is performing both now and in the past. It’s also a key component of most business marketing plans, as it’s used to determine the velocity of visitors to your site.

Google Analytics is an excellent tool for understanding your site traffic, as well as that coming to other sites in your industry. You can view data such as the number of unique visitors to your site, their devices, and the pages they viewed. You can also see which search terms brought your site visitors to yours, and how often those visitors click on your ads.

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads is a digital marketing strategy that’s used by businesses to promote their products and services through the social media platform. The key to success with Facebook Ads is understanding your audience and creating ads that resonate with them.

Facebook’s algorithms recognize and reward genuine brands in their appeals, making Facebook ads one of the best ways to connect with potential customers. The number of potential customers you can reach with Facebook Ads is practically limitless, with millions of people using the platform each day.

Google App Engine

Google App Engine is a cloud-based software development environment that allows you to create simple and secure web applications, as well as apps that access cloud-based services. It’s ideal for building mobile apps, websites, and more.

Google App Engine is not only easy to use, but it also allows you to create robust applications with easy-to-use tools. This makes it a great platform for startups since it gives you the tools you need to create apps that look and feel like Facebook or Google apps.

Twitter Cards

Twitter Cards are a special type of display ad that can be inserted into your tweets to promote your business. They’re also ideal for optimizing your retweets and likes, particularly when you’re trying to maximize the number of followers your brand has.

Unfortunately, Twitter Cards aren’t available to everyone yet, so you’ll have to wait a little bit to use them in your tweets. Once the feature is available, it’ll be a great representation of the speed with which Twitter is developing as a platform.


Mention is another type of digital ad that you can use on social media to promote your brand. Mention is more involved than drop-shipping your product to your followers, but it’s a great way to get your name recognition started if you’re just getting started in the business.

You can create Mention ads that include a brief description of your brand, along with links to your website and social media accounts. You can also create ads that ask for followers, or for people to “tweet about your product.”

Video Ads

Video Ads are effective when you have a limited amount of time to promote your brand, and you want to focus on creating engaging, value-added content. It’s also a great marketing strategy to engage with your audience since viewers are more likely to watch videos if they’re interested in your brand.


SEO and PPC are digital marketing strategies that use keywords and content to get your business listed on search engine results pages (SERPs). While traditional marketing techniques have been around for many years, SEO and PPC are still fairly new concepts for digital marketers.

SEO and PPC are compelling digital marketing strategies, particularly for smaller businesses. You can optimize your content for both the search engines and the Google Shopping feature, which lets you list products for sale. You can also use Google’s Ads platform to place ads directly on Google results pages.

Google Content

Google Content is another type of digital ad that’s used to boost your search engine visibility. The key here is to create unique and engaging content that your target audience will want to read.

Google’s algorithm recognizes and rewards content that is relevant, useful, and creative, making it a great way to build your digital marketing strategy. The best part? Google Content is free!


Digital marketing is progressing at an exponential rate, and so are the tools available to help you maximize its potential. With so many great digital marketing tools and techniques available, it can be hard to know where to begin.

In this article, we’ve taken a look at the top 9 digital marketing tools that are available today, as well as some of the key trends and technologies that will drive their development in the years to come.

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