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7 Tips to Improve Conversion Rates of Your Website

Oct 22, 2021

7 Tips to Improve Conversion Rates of Your Website

Do you have to do something so that your website has a killer ROI? You can try conversion rate optimization, known as CRO. The conversion rate is the percentage of website visitors who will take action. Suppose you improve the rate, you will improve the revenue. However, conversion rate optimization takes a little time and sometimes plenty of time. There’re many agencies, industries, as well as occupations that are devoted to CRO. Will you funnel the power of the CRO on your website without even spending a huge sum of time? The answer is yes. As per many case studies, many A/B tests, as well as years of knowledge, I have developed an A-list of the conversion optimization methods. Suppose you want nuclear power for the CRO, but do not have the time it takes, here is what you have to do when you hire website design.

  1. Make your CTA unmissable

A call to action will be asking your users to convert—this can be the landing webpage for the product or a form for the users to use and sign up for the email list. No matter what it is, it has to be visible. Make this stand out with the unique design and use this as the “soft” popup after the user sits idle at your website. Include this near the top of each page, and a link to call to action on nearly every page of the website. Never be obnoxious about this, but make your CTA prominent.

  1. Make it simple to convert

Suppose the process takes very long or is just very complicated, most of the users may abandon it (even though they are in your brand). For instance, if you ask the users for their first name and last name, or email, I will guarantee you will get a good number of signups than when you ask for the first name and last name, location, occupation, or other factors that do not really matter. Suppose it takes just 30 seconds to finish this process, you will be in very good shape as noted by web design.

  1. Add reviews, testimonials, and logos

Nobody wants to be the first person to use the product or service. Thus, you may put your mind at ease just by providing testimonials or reviews from past customers. Any social proof, which includes testimonials, puts your consumers at ease. Also, in the interview, the growth marketing expert said, “If the quality social buffers notable uncertainty, will get ready for remarkable conversion— in a few cases around 400% improvement.”

  1. Add the live chat on your website

Most of the visitors would like to buy the service, however, they are on a fence. They have lingering doubts and questions that will keep them to take the final step. The live chat tools are ideal for helping the folks. Just like the pop-up, even live chat tools will be simple to add to any website as well as have an immediate boost in your versions.

  1. Get the most powerful testing program accessible.

Do not flinch in dropping some hundred bucks on quality software. Do not fear. Money that you spend may come back. The type of software that you want is A/B testing software. Preferably, you would like something that you may operate without even having to call, and without attending the power user conferences.

  1. Make the headline obvious.

Over 80 percent of the website visitors may read the headline which is one large font text, which generally appears on the top of the web page. Suppose you wish to draw in plenty of visitors with the headline, I suggest you improve it in 3 ways:

  • Make it larger. The bigger headline may attract more eyeballs.
  • Make shorter. Suppose your headline is just 20 words, you will lose some people. The headline must have an instant impact.
  • Make it simple to understand. The headline is not a place to be clever and cute. Blunt, plain, and straightforward language will be the best. Make this clear for a four-year-old kid to know it.
  1. Keep it easy 

Never go overboard with flamboyant and flashy web designs. You do not need any flashing lights, aggressive pop-up ads, and exclamation points that will make a good case for the conversion–in fact, all these things may probably turn most of the users away. The simpler your web design and deals are, the more likely the customers can be keen to convert.


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